Traffic Violations

Have you been issued a citation for a speeding violation, license charge, improper registration or inspection, or other driving violation? Did you get a ticket as a result of a car accident? Has your license been revoked?
Has your license been revoked? Are you trying to get your license back but have been unable to? Do you need representation at a DMV hearing?

If you have any traffic violations, including speeding, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, or related crimes such as vehicular homicide, contact your full service local legal team. On most traffic violations, we can appear on your behalf so that you do not have to make another trip just to attend court.

Driver actions believed to endanger the well-being of others may result in a charge of reckless driving/endangerment. Drivers who run a stop sign, pass a loading school bus, or pass in a "no passing" zone, may be charged with reckless driving/endangerment or other traffic violations; if an officer involved believes a driver's actions demonstrate an indifference or neglect toward the safety of others.

Depending on the specifics of your case, the charge(s) against you, your prior driving record/history, you could be facing a temporary loss of your license, expensive fines, and a permanent mark on your driving history. Your local legal team works with the court in seeking a reduction of charges and sentence against our clients. If your driving record is clean and you are willing to enroll in a driver's education program, the court may be willing to reduce the charge against you to a minor moving violation. While this may take more time than simply pleading "guilty," doing so could save you thousands of dollars in insurance cost in the long run, and help protect your criminal record and/or driver’s license. Prevent unnecessary, potentially harmful accumulation of points, which may eventually lead to a driver's license suspension, by contacting your local legal team. We are committed to helping our clients obtain the most favorable dispositions after receiving a traffic ticket, such as:

  • Charges dismissed.
  • Charges reduced.
  • Penalties wiped out or lessened.
  • Prevention of additional points on your driving record with the state and with your insurance company.
  • Protect your driving record, your auto insurance rates, your driving privileges and possibly your professional license, including a trucker's license or police credentials if you are a law enforcement officer.