Debt Protection and Defenses

Is Your Professional License at Risk After a Criminal Arrest?

A criminal arrest is a serious matter for anyone. Some people, however, stand to lose much more than a clean record, and face fines and penalties, jail time, or a tainted reputation. Your career and livelihood may be on the line if you are a professional facing criminal charges such as:

  • Traffic violations
  • Alcohol-related crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Weapons crimes

Your professional license such as the following may be at risk:

  • Your professional license such as the following may be at risk:Your medical license if you are a physician, dentist or any other type of medical doctor.
  • Your license to practice as a psychologist or other care giving professional.
  • Your CPA status if you are a certified public accountant.
  • Your Realtor's license.
  • Your surveyor's license.
  • Your credentials as a child care professional, a long-term care provider, a member of the clergy, a law enforcement professional, a bus or truck driver, or a technician in the medical professional: respiratory therapist, image technician or dental assistant, for example.

Even if you do not have a license at risk, you may face governing boards such as a school board.

Wright, Worley, Pope, Ekster & Moss, PLLC welcomes your inquiry. Your criminal matter as well as your professional license challenge needs to be analyzed. You need to know the most constructive remedy and have representation in court, before administrative boards and anywhere else where you may be held accountable after a criminal investigation, arrest or conviction.


Debt Protection and Defenses

In today’s economy, it is easy for some to fall behind on credit card, mortgage, or other obligations. However, simply because you have missed some payments does not mean these collection agencies can do whatever they wish to force you to pay.

Have you been sued for money you do not owe? Do you think you already paid a debt off that is now being asserted against you, either in full or by compromise with a collection agency? Was a past debt “charged-off” by your creditor? Have you been receiving harassing or persistent phone calls from collection agencies? »

The Federal and State governments have set up many different safeguards to protect you, the consumer. Some of these protections include prohibiting collectors from using threats, coercion, or harassing means to collect the debt, using profane or obscene language, calling you at your place of business when they have other means of communication, and others.

Many consumers facing these problems feel they have no defense or assume they cannot afford an attorney. However, this may not be the case. We offer a free consultation to see whether you have a valid defense and what fee arrangement will be necessary for our representation. Acting without knowing your rights can have lasting effects on you, your credit, and your finances. Do not act until you have consulted an attorney.

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