Premarital Agreement

Do you need to deal with issues surrounding your upcoming marriage or do you want certainty of how your property will be handled in the event of a separation? »

Parties about to marry may enter into a written contract before marriage with respect to a variety of matters so long as the contract meets the requirements of North Carolina law. Such a contract then becomes effective upon marriage of the parties.

A premarital agreement cannot eliminate a child support obligation. If you are contemplating marriage and you have children or obligations from a prior marriage, have an expectation of significant gifts or inheritances from third parties, own property or wish to provide for disposition of assets and liabilities or wish to limit exposure to future spousal support obligations, it is wise to consult an attorney with an expertise in marital law before you marry.

Keep in mind that these agreements can be complex in some circumstances, so they are best examined and drafted well in advance of the date of the marriage.