Injuries and Fatal Accidents We Handle

The personal injury law practice of Wright, Worley, Pope, Ekster & Moss, PLLC handles injuries and fatal accidents resulting from occurrences such as the following:

  • Motor vechile accidents: auto accidents, truck collisions, motorcycle crashes
  • Bicycle/pedestrian accidents
  • Premises liability (injuries on personal or commercial property)
  • Products liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workplace injuries
  • Construction accidents
Have you been injured by a poorly made product? Has the design of something caused you harm? »
Do you feel a doctor, nurse, or hospital has committed an error that resulted in injury to you or a loved one? Were you misinformed in regards to the risks or outcomes of a medical procedure or prescription drug? »

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and assist you in this stressful time. If you have any question about your rights, responsibilities, insurance coverage, liability or court proceedings following an accident, please contact Wright, Worley, Pope, Ekster & Moss, PLLC to schedule an initial consultation at a mutually convenient time and place.