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Criminal Law: Expungement or Certificate of Relief

 A criminal record can cause considerable headache when applying for employment, housing, and college.  Even when a criminal charge is dismissed the original charge remains on the individual’s criminal record.  This is a common frustration for many of our clients.  In North Carolina, an expunction is the destruction of a criminal record by court order.  Upon receiving an expunction the individual may truthfully deny or refuse to acknowledge the criminal incident ever occurred.

An Interview with Ed Grannis (North Carolina State Bar Journal)

Be sure to check out the interview with longtime Cumberland County District Attorney, Ed Grannis, in the current edition of the North Carolina State Bar Journal.  The interview was conducted by Margaret Dickson and Harold "Butch" Pope.  Butch Pope is a partner with Wright, Worley, Pope, Ekster & Moss, PLLC and works out of the firm's Whiteville, NC office.  The interview begins on page 15 of the pdf.

North Carolina's License Plate Cover Law

Next time you are sitting at a traffic light in North Carolina there is a good chance that roughly half of the motorists around you are breaking the law.  Despite the fact that the law went into effect several years ago, most North Carolina motorist do not realize that their license plate cover that is displaying their favorite sports team or the license plate cover installed by their car dealership for free advertising is illegal.